I failed because they weathermen failed. They said a high of 45ยบ. Um, try 26? I was nice and warm on the upper half of my body, but chose to look “cute” in tights, shorts, and boots (and wool socks) because I thought today was going to be much warmer than the last few days due to the forecast- and the sun. SOOOOO wrong! In the 15 minute walk from school to the student’s house where I was going to be tutoring, my hands were ice, my toes asleep, and my face bright red. At least I had the conversation of one of my students to occupy me thoughts the whole way there… and a warm coffee once I arrived… but none of that helped the walk home!

(but classes are 5 minutes shorter at least through the rest of the week- if not the rest of the semester if we don’t get the heat working- which therefore finishes lessons 30 minutes early which therefore gets me home 30 minutes early which therefore gives me more time. Success! -pronounced sook-CHess)

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