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I’m an Intern… and?

Opportunity Next Exit

Let me just preface this post with I’M AN INTERN AND I’M 25. Ok, I said it. This is something I used to be embarrassed about until I met other 25 year-old interns and until I really realized just how lucky I am to be in this position. It is true that I have had a lot of experience in my life but it is not enough to get me to where I ultimately want to be in the business world and this internship has helped me in numerous ways to get my foot in the door. One thing it’s helped me do is remember  what I love to do, and what I excel at: networking. While it may seem like I’m abnormally social for Kansas City, I love it because I meet new people EVERY DAY. While I hope to have a new post relating to this soon, I’m going to get back to my point: networking and learning from others.

Tonight I reconnected with someone at an event whom I highly respect. He left a poor work situation where he wasn’t given the respect and acknowledgement he deserved and is now doing HUGE things and working with big name clients. (I’m so proud of him!) But this event? It was pretty cool. It was sponsored by AAFKC, and they brought in Justin Ahrens from Illinois. He’s done great work for his company and I think he was really insightful when he spoke about how companies can use “wonder” for inspiration for both their clients and their employees. He suggested ways for thinking outside the box and making a difference. But this acquaintance of mine who just so happens to work for this studio where the event was held decided to join in on the networking pre-and-post event, but skipped the event. Why? Because he doesn’t care what the speaker has to say.

Now, this brings me back to an intern status. This speaker had a lot to say. Is it totally related to what my acquaintance does? Well, no, not really. But can we learn from it? Absolutely. Everyone has a story to tell and speakers tend to do it in more organized ways than many of us, and sometimes the story is repeated. In my opinion, something can always be learned from these stories so they aren’t worth skipping out on. Maybe it’s because I’m an “intern” and I don’t quite have my whole body in the door yet but I do hope when I am accomplished and successful in my work that I will not frown upon new ideas and thoughts and only attend events for the networking. As an intern who is new to the marketing field, I’m learning something every day but I sure hope I’m teaching others something, too. I sure don’t know everything there is to know about marketing but I do know a thing or two about a thing or two and if you want to listen I’d love to share it. The great thing about my internship? I’m an intern but I have a real job…. and I love it because I get to learn something from someone (or many people!) every day!

Moral of the story: listen to what people have to say, even if you “think” you know more than them. You might be surprised!

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