Time flies

I was going to begin this post apologizing for not updating this for almost a week and that I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday and that time has just flown… and then I looked at the date. Exactly 6 months ago today I boarded the flight from Kansas City to Philadelphia to begin adventure. Now I know that time really does fly. Before I know it the 27 months will be over and I’ll be going home…!

Anyways… I’ll give you a re-cap of the last week in photos.
More snow:

I watched a man fix a truck outside our school…
I forgot it was winter and left my flip-flops outside
I made a new dog-friend (still unnamed)
I went to the Winter Bazaar and found this:
I tutored a bazillion kids (4 pictured below)
I went on a walk in Chisinau
Saw Santa Clause
Found some little Christmas Trees
Found a big Christmas Tree
Found out Moldovans are LSU fans
Played in the rain (yes, the RAIN)
Laughed when Ross tried to go ice skating
Watched a beautiful sunset
… and decorated my own Christmas Tree (thanks Ross’ Mom!!)
… it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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