Who is Cate?

Who is Cate? I am!

I am a quick-learning, goal-setting, risk-taking, conversational French, Romanian, MAC, and PC speaking professional who thrives in social gatherings and also works well individually, jumps at any networking opportunity, can write well, and go with the flow.

Born and raised in Kansas City, traveling became part of my life when I was young. My parents say the first time I was on an airplane was before I was 6 months old. Pennsylvania was a common destination for me while growing up, and when I got to college, I fell in love with New York City. Then I got more adventurous and made it to France, which later became my home while studying abroad. My goal in college was strictly to get a degree so that I could travel: the portrait photography business I began in high school is what supported me along the way.

Finally, I got the degree I’d been striving for: a BA in French. Upon finishing college, I wanted to travel and I loved working around kids, so I applied to be a Peace Corps Volunteer with hopes of being placed in Africa to continue my learning and understanding of the French language. Peace Corps had other plans for me, though, and I said goodbye to my photography clients, family, and friends and packed my bags for Moldova (it’s in Eastern Europe, situated between Romania and Ukraine). Up until June 2012, blog posts here were about my two years spent in Moldova: my thoughts, my plans, my experiences, my growth. I have learned teaching in a classroom is not for me, and photography is my passion, not my career path. Working with people on a daily basis, however, is definitely in my future.

At this point in time I am pursuing a job in marketing so I can keep photography my passion. I still continue to do portrait sessions and various photography projects, so stay tuned often!

To contact me regarding a shoot, please email me (mccrandell@gmail.com) or find me on Facebook.



  1. Lou Ann Donovan (@louanndonovan) March 17, 2013 at 6:30 pm Permalink

    Hello Cate!! Stopped by to say hello and comment that I love your updated “Who is Cate” on your blog!


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