Wife lick his face?

Every once in awhile, especially when I post a link to my blog on facebook, I like to look at Google Analytics to see how many people came to my blog (it shows me this on a day-to-day basis). Another cool thing about this website is that it also can show me the traffic… meaning how people are getting to my site (are they typing the address directly into the search bar? Are they following a link from facebook? Or another blog? Or what are they typing in google that leads them to it?). This last one is one got my attention: Google Searches.

The top things people searched for in Google (all 3 people) involved the title of my blog or the link. But the 4th most searched for phrase? “Wife like his face”. At first I was completely confused as to where this was coming from… until I remembered my cruise recap. And then I had to laugh. And write this down.
*Oh, yea… so I just looked at the full report. It’s there twice. (click to make bigger)

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